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Nadia A. Bennett

Former executive director of schools, Nadia served as an advisor to the CEO and board. She managed principals, directors, and instructional coaches. Nadia also worked closely with the CFO and CAO in overseeing the budget, daily operations, and curriculum design. Under her leadership ELA scores doubled and faith was restored in the future success of a once promising district that had taken a turn for the worse - per the New Jersey Department of Education. Student and staff retention, attendance, academic scores, and professional development all improved.

Prior to her role as executive director, Nadia served as principal and assistant principal at Simon Gratz Mastery Charter High School. During her tenure, the school saw a dramatic, positive turnaround. Improvements were reflected across the board, from teachers’ skills and classroom effectiveness to academic performance and student safety. In 2017, the school topped the Philadelphia Charter School Performance Profile. Simon Gratz consistently retained eighty-five percent of staff yearly, and teachers implemented restorative practices that decreased school suspensions by twenty percent. She conducted effective, collaborative teacher coaching through observation and achievable action plans.

Having led the school turnaround process in multiple charter organizations that serve communities of color, Nadia has successfully overseen the DEI work required to establish long-lasting and transformative relationships in underserved communities. Those relationships, established through various initiatives, data analysis, and a true heart for people of all identity groups served as the foundation of the turnarounds. In addition, she served as an adjunct professor of Cultural Context for the Relay Graduate School of Education, in which she taught master’s students the intricacies of promoting DEI work.

Nadia is a woman driven by her passion to see children and communities – often scarred by the effects of poverty and oppression- not just surviving, but thriving. She earned her undergraduate degree at Dillard University. Later received her Master’s in Education Administration and Policy from Howard University; completed the Urban Superintendents Academy through AASA and is currently a doctoral student. As a leader in education, she has developed a unique set of skills, and has a proven track record of strong adult management that leads to strong student outcomes. Her results are due not only to Nadia’s ability to develop teachers and leaders, but her strength in analyzing data and making data-driven decisions.

Nadia is committed to changing the narrative for people of color in America by closing the Opportunity Gap. Daily she works to educate not only the youth, but aspiring teachers and leaders.

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